Linda Batista

My first memories as a child are playing and making fake food using tree leaves, clay, and everything found in my backyard. When my mom gave me the kid’s Kitchen accessories toy, I felt so happy that I could play for hours. Not much time later, when I was 8 years old, I got my first job serving sugar cane juice in the marketplace. There, I had the opportunity to interact with real clients and receive my first salary.

In my teenage years, I started to cook for my family while my mom away full-time working for several hours daily. I learned with my mom how to make delicious food such as fresh bread, soups, salads, sweets, and meals. At that time, I also was a volunteer responsible to make savories and sell in the church after the service. The money we were making with savories was to help the dance group that I was part of, so, we would be able to buy the uniform to perform our choreography. 

In every school break, my brothers and I used to visit our grandparents in the countryside. Since my father’s side is from Italy, France, Germany, and Portugal, I had the opportunity to grow up in an environment that went beyond the Brazilian culture. Most of the time the food was made from scratch, always with locally grown & fresh ingredients. 

I used to be close to my grandmother. I used to spend countless hours watching her cooking! Since then I have never met somebody that comes close to creating such a unique burst of flavors, her skills definitely marked my life.

My father also influenced my learning path as he had skills and experiences working in restaurants. He was very experienced in the sector of gastronomy, and his skills and practices ranged in multiple core functions of renowned kitchens. Throughout his journey, he inspired me to go beyond my imagination by combining exotic ingredients and flavors. He always wanted me to step out of my comfort zone and be the one who has no barriers to creating new things.

2002, I met my husband in church. We got married, and after one year our beautiful and blessed baby boy was born to bless our first anniversary together.

In the last year of high school when I was already married, I started to visit many universities to understand which program would be better to apply for. Many programs enticed me to apply such as Lawyer, Web Designer, Veterinary, and on. However, only one program touched my heart so deeply that spontaneously brought tears to my eyes. It was when I decided to pursue the Gastronomy program (Chef of Cuisine). I was visiting the university and watching the Gastronomy students having their class, I knew that my search had come to an end. The uncertainty was gone! From that moment I knew that I wanted to build my career based on serving people through cooking and baking great food.

I didn’t wait and I applied on the same day to the gastronomy program. I completed a very extensive (and exhausting) test, and fortunately was accepted to join the university.

I graduated from the Gastronomy program at the Methodist University of São Paulo, in Brazil. My career journey had just started! Over there I received high-quality training in culinary arts from different regions of the world.

I was still hungry for more specialization in the food industry. So, I decided to apply for the postgrad-degree in Food Engineering at Mauá University, also in Brazil. At that time, I was exposed to the most challenging studies that I ever faced, I thought I would not be able to complete that program. I had to take extra classes in the morning and in the afternoon, in order to follow my regular classes at night. Fortunately, I learned everything I needed to proceed in my career journey as a Chef.

2015, I arrived with my family and landed in Canada!

My husband with more than 25 years of experience in the IT software engineering & management, decided to complete in Canada his post-grad program in Global Business Management. Our son got well adapted to the new country & culture very quickly; and I had the opportunity to work in a restaurant, hotel, and bakery. Also, I started running a small catering business where my husband and my son have been my partners.

Many years later after having worked in different segments in the food business, I realized that I was amazingly happier when working in the baking and pastry field.

I became so passionate about baking & pastry that I decided to pursue the program in the Baking and Pastry Arts at Niagara College. I got this most desired diploma in 2022, celebrating one more victory beside my husband and my son in person, and virtually with our beloved family in Brazil.

2023, I overcame a very challenging step of my career and I was awarded with the title & certification of Baker Red Seal Certificate of Canada.

Baking and Pastry is my passion. It is part of who I am. I am a tireless life learner; a dedicated and committed professional; detail-oriented, and always trying to find more efficient ways to improve existing processes around me.

I still had one more goal for my educational journey! I decided to pursue the Culinary Management program at Le Cordon Blue in Ottawa, Canada. Then, I will focus entirely on the business, applying everything I have learned to offer the best of my journey in the products that our business will be selling.

During holidays and weekends, I love to spend time with my husband and my son, especially doing social work in our local community, and social mission trips together. Also, we love spending lots of time exploring our rich Canadian environment, and local restaurants, and building friendships.

On top of my career plans, I will only feel completely successful in my life when I have built a dream from long years ago. It is to build a company where 70% of the employees will have some special needs. This building will accommodate all their needs for them to work in a safe and well-equipped place. The project is already done in my dreams, and I truly believe that one day I will have the honor to bring it to life along with those who have the same desire, people whom I have not met yet but somehow will join this priceless business.

Grand Hotel, Toronto

Bar Buca Italian Restaurant, Toronto

Nature’s Corner Bakery, Ridgeville

Happy Snack Catering, St. Catharines